Created by – Laurie McCarthy & Stephanie Sengupta.

Produced by – The CW.

Genre –  Historical fantasy, Romance, Drama.


Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) has returned to the French court to marry the future king Francis (Toby Regbo) but what she faces is far more complicated than a marriage to protect her crown. After Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) has a vision of Francis’ death because of this union, his mother Queen Catherine de’ Medici (Megan Follows) will do anything to protect her son from an untimely death. Mary must not only face French politics but also a court full of treachery, plotting, and backstabbing. As Mary try’s to save her people she becomes a pawn in the complicated game of royals.


While Reign follows the story of a real historical figure, it blurs the lines of accurate. While the rough outline of the plot is true the details of the story have been dramatized, the story of Mary Queen of Scots going to French court are true and a handful of the characters were real life people, the majority have been created to add drama and sex appeal to the show. Being a lover of history I researched the real story of Mary while watching the show, and although the show has many inaccurate aspects I really enjoyed it. The characteristics of all the characters are what really pulls you in, the creators have made all three main characters Mary, Francis, and Bash (Torrance Coombs) Francis’ bastard half-brother, strong, independent characters that of course fall into a complicated love triangle.

Every character in the series has a unique personality and are all characters that can easily be adored, the plot mainly focusses on Mary but the show goes into the details of other characters lives and French court as a whole which becomes an interesting added story to that of Mary and Francis.

The music and costumes are also a huge puller as well, although the costumes and music are more modern than historical, they are beautiful and mesmerizing. Although the costumes are slightly historically correct they are a gorgeous element to the show. The music sets the mood for each scene with modern songs or remakes of popular pop songs, there is also a playlist on Spotify for anyone wanting the name of songs in the series.

The series is in the fourth and finally season, the show is roughly following the timeline of the real Queen Mary and as this is the last season it might be cutting her story short. If you’re a fan of historical period drama with a modern twist this is a must, I recommend not getting to hung up on the historical accuracy and just enjoy the drama filled romance.



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