By – Lauren Kate

Genre – Fantasy, YA, Angels.

Synopsis –

After the summer from hell, Luce Price went from being a scholarship student at a preppy high school to ending up in a reformed school. Luce doesn’t think life could get any worse; a new school, the shadows that continue to follow her and keep her in constant fear; that is until she meets Daniel. Luce feel’s an instant pull towards this random reformed school boy, a pull she cannot explain or understand especially since Daniel seems to hate her. With the help of a new friend Luce digs around into Daniel’s past wanting to know more about him and why she might feel a connection to him. Even though being around Daniel is causing more bad things to happen to Luce and those around her, the pull to him is too strong. It isn’t until she discovers one of Daniel’s ancestor’s books that Luce discovers there is maybe more to her and Daniel than she originally thought… maybe a thousand years more to them?

Review –

If you’re into epic romances you will love Fallen. The story is filled with ups, downs and over a millennium’s worth of love and emotion. I found Fallen the perfect series to read when all you want to do is curl up with a good book, blankets and a steaming cup of tea. The characters, as well as the plot, is what makes this series one to remember; the love engrossed couples, the hot badass bad gone good guy and lots of sarcastic and quirky characters, with a few random ones chucked in. The knowledge of history Kate has is awesome, the description and emphasis on the past are the keys to the plot line. Kate has clearly done lot’s of research into worldly history, not just one specific era, any reader can truly appreciate not only her talent in writing but also in history. Kate’s imagination for a unique plot line is fantastic, the books are able to flow without the reader getting bored, the series is an awesome binge read.

Kate has made a playlist to go with her novels on her website which adds more depth and emotion to this epic romance. There is also a 3.5 book which goes into more description on other characters experience throughout the series which is not a necessary read but an enjoyable one. Book one of a new series was released end of 2015, some readers see it as book five to the original Fallen series although the book follows a secondary character from the first four books. A movie was set to be released late 2016 and seems to have been released in most Malaysian countries but nothing has been released into any english speaking countries.

Order of Books –

  • Fallen (Book 1)
  • Torment (Book 2)
  • Passion (Book 3)
  • Fallen in Love (Book 3.5)
  • Rapture (Book 4)
  • Unforgiven (Book 1 to the second series)



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